Reflection can mean a lot of things. When it comes to boudoir photography there are a lot of chances to include moments of reflection in your experience.

Pre-shoot reflection gives you the opportunity to decide what you it is you want to get out of your session. Ask yourself, why or who am I doing this shoot for? Is it a gift for a partner, a gift for yourself to rediscover love for your body? What do I want to be the end goal? Are you looking to celebrate your body and reinforce your confidence or are you trying to see yourself through new eyes? Reflection helps you set intentions for your session which can help you to feel less anxious about getting naked in front of a camera.

Post-shoot reflection is also very important. It gives you a chance to look back on your session and relive those moments where you felt like the sexiest person on the planet. It can be an opportunity to reflect on your self-image. How did you view your body before your session and what is your opinion of it now? Do you feel more comfortable with yourself and how you look?

Choosing your prints, wall art, or putting together your album is another fantastic time to reflect. You get to comb through your images and remember how you felt in a pose and now juxtapose that with how you feel looking at the image of you in that pose. You can reflect on your boudoir experience as a whole and how it has changed or affected the relationship you have with your body.

There are a million ways to reflect, it is just about finding the time.

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