What if I don't want to take all of my clothes off for my boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is typically understood to be sexy pictures of women in lingerie but it doesn't have to be. I shoot all kinds of women which means they all have individual goals and looks they want for their session. I've decided that there are three basic categories that most of my clients fall into, which one do you think you are?

The Cozy Sexy Woman

This woman tends to be more modest. Her outfits usually consist of regular clothes or pj's that we make sexy through posing. There are lots of options when it comes to this type of session, don't worry I can make almost anything look hot! Jeans, oversized sweaters, jerseys, button down shirts, and matching pj sets are all the most typical items this type of client brings to her session.

Lingerie and Lace

This client usually comes with a huge bag of undies, bras, and some classic lingerie. Not afraid to wear some lacy barely-there lingerie most of this woman's session consists of underwear. Of course we always include some street clothes, such as jeans as well, but this type of lady wants to flaunt what she's got and isn't afraid to show it off!


This kind of woman is going to make you turned on no matter what. Comfortable in lingerie or nothing at all she's into suggestive poses that you can't take your eyes off of. She is willing to try any and all poses! She struts around the studio almost forgetting that wearing no clothes in front of a camera isn't usual for most people- and I love her for that!

Of course I love all my ladies and wouldn't change them for anything! Everyone is unique and so are their boudoir shoots. Making you feel empowered and confident is the goal with boudoir and there is no need to change who you are or what you feel comfortable doing to achieve that.

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