Am I too awkward for boudoir photography?

"But I'm so awkward in front of a camera, I have no idea how to pose." I hear this ALL THE TIME. Let me be honest, very few people are naturally comfortable in front of a camera. I've done a boudoir shoot myself and let me tell you, being in front of the camera was a scary thought even for me!

I recently had a client come in to do her first boudoir shoot that she wanted to gift to her boyfriend. One of the first things she told me when we started talking was that she's super awkward in front of the camera. I told her not to worry about anything because I pose all my ladies and move everyone through positions that work best for their body.

Her shoot went amazingly and just as she was about to leave she said, "you did a great job of posing me but I'm just so awkward, I know that all my pictures are going to be me looking awkward". Of course I assured her that that was not the case at all! She got into poses so well and moved through them seamlessly. She had just convinced herself that no matter what she was awkward in front of a camera. Cut to her reveal and she can't get over her photos. She sees how gorgeous she looks in them and can finally get over her self doubt. It was really an awesome moment and this kind of reaction is one of the reasons why I'm so obsessed with boudoir!

Boudoir isn't natural for most people. It takes a lot of courage to even just walk through the door knowing you're about to take your clothes off and be photographed. However it's all truly worth it when you can see the beautiful woman that everyone else sees and really get comfortable in your skin.

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